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Chloe Pitch Perfect

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Pitch perfect!!! Love it! Probably the funnies scene

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Oh just a Bechloe fight. Nothing big... Aka the scene should have ended with Chloe kissing Beca after Beca got out of the net

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Chloe Beale on

They so belong together. I mean shit...its so obvious. If only they had gotten would be everything I could ever ask for in a movie. Lmao

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Chloe drives Beca crazy one more time. Bechloe, Staubrey, Pitch Perfect 2

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Celebs Who Can Pull Off Red Hair (And How You Can Too!)

Brittany Snow Natural Hair Color | brittany snow brittany snow s red is gorgeous but maintenance can be ...

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Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin and Brittany Snow (Fat Amy, Jesse, and Chloe) from Pitch Perfect.

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Anna Kendrick’s fiery feminism makes us love her even more

Anna Kendrick isn't afraid to call out sexism where she sees it, and she…

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Everyone deserves a person who treats you the way Chloe Beale treats Beca Mitchell #facts

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Beca Mitchell & Chloe Beale || I find it funny that bechloe is much more popular than Jeca.

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