What day were you born on in March? See what your birth-date means. | Infographic March 1st thru 31st | Note the month of March is shared by the two zodiac signs Pisces (March 1st – March 20th) and Aries (March 21st – March 31st). | Birthstone March Zodiac Information

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NASA to change zodiac signs? People are freaking out over these new dates - Sugarscape.com

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The cusp is the bridge of two signs. Which is the last six days and the first six days of every sign. PISCES/ARIES/TAURUS/GEMINI/CANCER/LEO/VIRGO/LIBRA/SCORPIO/SAGITTARIUS/AQUARIUS

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Pisces Woman: mostly true, but if you're not teasing me, then I may think you don't REALLY like me.

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Dating a pisces; "They live in their own world of imagination filled with kindness and oversensitiveness. They are synonymous with creativity and versatility and repel monotony in their life. If you are in a relationship with Piscean, you can nourish your love life by doing some home work before going on a date. Next part of the article attempts to serve the purpose. Have a glance."

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