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I like their interracial relationship, it's beautiful. Reminds me of Sadie and Carter's parents, and mine :) (Yes I do know that Piper is not African American, she's Cherokee but she's darker so it's fine )

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The seven playing monopoly Hazel is praying for help Percy is the presentor Annabeth has a plan BUT IT WONT WORK Piper is rich and is bathing in the money Jason is pipers bodyguard Leo has run out of money and has sold everything but his pants And frank is always in jail

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Holiday icons!!! from top to bottom: Jason, Reyna, Will, Hazel, Leo, Percy, Nico, Annabeth, Piper and Frank

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takes out art block aggression on unsuspecting otp & makes self extremely sad while doing so. a+ decision. anyway. ever wonder how jason would react to things like this……

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Sometimes Our Minds Work Against Us... - Piper McLean: No What My Dear?

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