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Pink Eye Antibiotics

from The Humbled Homemaker

Natural Ways to Heal Pink Eye

You don't have to spend lots of money on expensive doctor's visits to get a prescription for antibiotic drops. Im happy to say we healed pink eye naturallywithout doctors co-pays or prescription drops!

from Pulling Curls

TMI Tuesday: Pink Eye

Is it pink eye? A few things to think about before you ask for antibiotics (viral conjunctivitis is much more common than bacterial)

from Recapo

Dr Oz: Antibiotics for Pink Eye? Common Cold Vs Allergy Vs Pink Eye

Dr Oz exposed the truth about Pink Eye in this segment that revealed what is truth and what is fiction surrounding this common eye health problem.


Amen! vaccination is child abuse!! It is a fact that children today are far less able and free to develop their own natural immunity through proper nutrition and normal childhood development. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of them are bombarded with an obscene onslaught of vaccines.