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Signatures of the Pilgrim Fathers on the 'Mayflower Compact' of 1620 (Litho)

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Millennium Series. The Settlers' Tale 26p Stamp (1999) Pilgrim Fathers and Red Indian (17th century migration to America)

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Handwritten Passenger List of the Mayflower; William Brewster is the second passenger listed. William Bradford is the 4th.

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Some unknown facts about the pilgrims and their Mayflower voyage: (1) Not all of the Mayflower's passengers were motivated by religion. (2) They didn’t land in Plymouth first. (3) Some of the passengers had been to America before. (4) The Pilgrims were relatively tolerant of other religious beliefs. (5) The Pilgrims didn’t name Plymouth, Massachusetts, for Plymouth, England.

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The ship The Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod, America, on this day 19th November 1620. Its 87 passengers were a Protestant sect, known as The Pilgrim Fathers,(Mayflower Collage: departs from Southampton, England on its travel to North America)

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The Mayflower. 4 of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower!! [Some of mine did, too; & 1 was born on the ship; in the harbor... BK Thigpen]

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The Mayfair Steps in Plymouth, England, where, on this day 6th September, 1620 The Pilgrim Fathers, set sail from Plymouth in the Mayflower bound for America-The New World. The Pilgrim's story of seeking religious freedom has become a central theme of the history and culture of the United States

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William Brewster (Mayflower passenger) [BK Thigpen ancestors: # Brewster, Lamberton [Bunce] # Brewster, Planter Elizabeth [Bunce] (1625-1690)

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Stunning capture of Bayards Cove in Dartmouth, Devon, where the Pilgrim Fathers stopped on their way to the new world

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