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The Pietrain Pietrain, Belgium, the village from which the breed takes its name, was the birthplace of the breed. The exact origin is unknown but the local breed was "brought to the fore" during the difficult period of the pork market in 1950-51. The breed became popular in its native country and was exported to other countries, especially Germany.

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Pietrain Origin: Belgium. Pietrain village. Type: Meat. Flavor: Very lean meat. Size: Medium toLarge. Color: White with Black or Gray Spots. Temperament: No reliable information can be found. Notes: Unique double-muscling, but the gene that causes this excessive muscle production also make the Pietrain susceptible to many health problems, most notably Porcine Stress Syndrome (causes sudden death with stress).

The Pietrain breed is one of the most muscular in the world

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Gicumbi: Barashishikarizwa guhuza ubwoko bw’ingurube bwa landrace na pietrain

Свиньи породы Пьетрен, Pietrain Pigs

Lechon machol de la raza Pietrain alemán