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Pie chart favicons! Piecon is a tiny JavaScript library for creating dynamic progress pie charts in your favicons. It’s easy to use, with very simple documentation, and it’s licensed under the MIT License. It’s a very cool feature to add a little something extra to you site or web app.

Piecon is a a tiny JavaScript library for dynamically generating pie charts in your favicons. BROWSER SUPPORT Piecon has been tested to work completely in the following browsers (older versions may be supported, but haven't been tested): Chrome 15+ Firefox 9+ Opera 11+ Currently the library falls back to title updates for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9 Safari 5

3D Pie Chart Generator - GraphicRiver Item for Sale

Create A Bar Chart, Free . Customize, download and easily share your graph. Just enter the amounts, pick some colors/fonts, and we'll take it from there!

This is from a storage folder with sorted kilobyte output, fed into a pie chart generator (lines drawn from center, plus a circle around everything)

3D Pie Charts Generator by weirdeetz (via Creattica)

45+ New jQuery Techniques For Good User Experience

5. Create Accessible Charts Using Canvas and jQuery This tool is proof that you can use the <canvas> element to illustrate HTML table data. The idea is a good one: putting the data in a table allows it to remain accessible, while the chart can be shown for visual enhancement.

JS Charts - Free JavaScript charts - JS Charts is a JavaScript chart generator that requires little or no coding. JS Charts allows you to easily create charts in different templates like bar charts, pie charts or simple line graphs. Keep in mind that it’s only free for non – commercial use.