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☯ u know those 'the signs' memes? if you want a picture-perfect encapsulation of astrid's aesthetic and personality, just take a look at the aquarious. even better, i've always considered her an aquarious, even before i got into those memes. t'was destiny ☯

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Never enough of a good thing?

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dear friend, i know an awful lot about you. maybe more than you think i do. and you know a frightening amount about me. more than any other person ever has. we are both pretty terrible examples of human beings. but I've got you, and you've got me, so its all okay. right? ~kat

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Every time you overcome one of life's challenges you are choosing to be a fighter rather than a victim. Be a warrior. Choose to fight and always plan to win!!! Tag your friends • Follow @Risebeyond.fam Follow @Risebeyond.fam • Like 5 Pictures Turn on post notifications so you don't miss our next post! Share with your friends

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Steve just looked at me when this happened and was like, "that's you."

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Mycroft does not know how to children. Mycroft it's me

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When someone lies on others and paints a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects is the definition of a Narcissist human being also carries the traits of a hypocrite and that type of person will be offended by the truth, but i will say this what is done in the dark will come to light. Time has a way of showing peoples true colors and the honest at heart will always prevail . So be careful what you say and make sure you taste you words before you...

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First and foremost, my biggest goal is to walk daily with God and have a close personal relationship with Him. I will stumble and fall, but He will always be right there to pick me up.

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