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Picture Cropping Apps

PhotoBulk is a helpful little helper for recurring picture modifying duties. You possibly can add watermarks edit and optimize pictures. The majority function that allows you to edit tons of photographs directly is greater than helpful. macOS is a superb OS that allows you to get loads of issues finished. The appliance pictures already offers an important picture modifying features. Nevertheless the choices are very restricted in relation to sure duties. I used to be on the lookout for a…


Download Photo & Picture Resizer: I was struggling with reducing my photos while on holiday so I could mailbox friendly ones home. I find it easy to use and the cropping is a nice extra. Photo & Picture Resizer V 1.0.99 for Android 4.0.3+ Reduce your picture size – fast and easy. The easy-to-use Image Resizer helps... #Apps #androidgame ##FarlunerApps ##Photography

PhotoDirector is an impressive photo editing app that's perfect for anyone who takes a lot of selfies or pictures of pets, friends and family. It comes with the basic features, such as: cropping, rotating, saturation and tone adjustments, overlays, filters, etc. But it also comes with some special features that are essentials for editing photos.

Giant Square is all-in-1 app that let's you do amazing things with your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profile. - Create big pictures and banner pictures on Instagram. - Or use our Squaready feature to avoid cropping your pictures - Create unique pictures on Twitter - Create awesome collages tailored for your Facebook background


WordFoto The app allows the user to either take a picture or load a photo from the device’s Photo Gallery. Once loaded, the designer can then crop the picture if necessary. The main appeal, however, is adding words to the picture. There are sets of words already provided, or a creative mind can provide his or her own.


Get A Bigger, Sweeter, Earlier Crop Of Tomatos


These handy items help you improve your brand's visual content with better cropping options, slideshows and even contests. Get the picture?

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AntiCrop "Uncrops" Your Photos by Extending the Picture's Background

APP: AntiCrop "Uncrops" Your Photos by Extending the Picture's Background

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11 Things Women Should Absolutely Not Do on Tinder

For the record, no one's boobs look good when magnified by ten and cropped to fill an entire profile picture. No matter how great your rack is.