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Don’t forget about schedule’s BFF – the calendar :D From #theautismhelper

Don’t forget about schedule’s BFF – the calendar :D From #theautismhelper

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Merry Christmas and a Very HAPPY Holidays to ALL!!! Since it is pretty impossible to send all of our readers a gift… we made you all a beautiful Free Printable 2017 Floral Calendar that I think you are all going to love! Pretty flowers will greet you every day of the year! There is a …

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Don't just toss all those old 2014 calendars. Here are 11 Ways to Reuse Old Calendars ~ #calendar #recycle #upcycle

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DIY Calendar 16" x 20" picture frame Paint Swatches / Sticky Notes Dry Erase Marker

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1814 eagle pictured in Quilt Engagement Calendar, 1989.

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We should probably start a hashtag #bujoblooper or #plannerpooper for all of our mistakes! The aftermath of not thinking things through beforehand ... I had some serious mistakes go down on this 2017 calendar view! It all started with my mind not computing 6 months on top and 6 months on bottom. I mean, it's simple math, friends. 😳 The list of mistakes causing slips of "What the CRAP!" and "Are you kidding me?" is lengthy. However, I'll let it go and just pretend that it is picture…

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