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The Cultural History of Tattoos

"The Picts were a group of Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Celtic people living in ancient eastern and northern Scotland."


Pictish stone with engraved symbols - According to recent discoveries, these pictures and symbols may actually be a written language:


Pictish stones are monumental stelae found in Scotland, mostly north of the Clyde-Forth line, and on the Eastern side of the country. These stones are the most visible remaining evidence of the Picts and are thought to date from the 6th to 9th centuries, a period during which the Picts became Christianized. The earlier stones have few surviving parallels from the rest of the British Isles, but the later forms are variations within a wider Insular tradition of monumental stones such as high…


The earliest surviving mention of the Picts dates from AD297. In a poem praising the Roman emperor Constantius Chlorus, the orator Eumenius wrote that the Britons were already accustomed to the semi-naked "Picti and Hiberni (Irish) as their enemies."