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I make these wonderful pickled carrots every summer when carrots and dill are plentiful. The process is super easy and if you need some tips on canning, check out Bernardin Home Canning for instructions. A good friend and neighbor gave this recipe to me years ago. It was meant for cucumbers (which are good too) …


7 Edible Ways to “Get Lucky” This New Year!

In Scandinavia, once the pickling process is finished and depending on which of the dozens of classic herring flavourings (mustard, onion, garlic, lingonberries etc.) are selected, it is usually enjoyed with dark rye bread and snaps

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Old-Fashioned Blackberry Jam

* Blackberry Jam* Watch and learn the process of making this yummy, no pectin needed, jam process.


Four Ways to Pickled Green Tomatoes - last year i made it with basic pickling spice--and the taste of the spice was way too time try a different kind maybe?..or use less spice..

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52 Fermented Foods To Make This Year - Page 3 of 3

Pickled Avocados -- Fermented foods taste amazing and are fabulous for your health! Try these great ideas to get your inspired! A great new years resolution!