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Lottery Winner Shows how to Pick 3 Winning Numbers


A quick perusal gives you an idea of their ebooks that guarantee winning numbers from your selection. They allow a free trial and sure enough, you can land a lucky pick 3 numbers for today winning number or numbers if you follow their guidelines.

Dealing Up Some Fun in Math I love math card games - so easy to prepare but great math practice!


Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Chalkboard



The Greatest

Activities: "I'm the Greatest!" A Math Card Game- multi digit addition or subtraction


Pick a # based off what you bought. Bought 3, give 3 #'s. Do not have to BUY to play but if you buy you get to add more #'s ex: say you bought 3 items, give 3 #'s. Its so fun and keeps you on your toes plus I want to have a fallestivity little game to keep moods and closets open. ?. Stay tuned on how to win a makeup gift for women or cologne if you're a man. I am going to run a drawing so pick a number between 1-150 and I'll pick the winner on Friday 21st of Oct 2016. You'll get it for…

Giveaway time! 35k, madness, thank you all so much I appreciate all the support more than I can say without sounding cheesy. I wanted to give something away again to celebrate, so if you want a chance to win this as of yet unreleased print, all you have to do is like and leave a comment below and I'll use a random number generator to pick a winner in 48 hours. I'll mail it to you fo freeee. Again, thank you so much! <3

It's FALL y'all! I'm doing a giveaway!!! Pick a leaf! Only one person per leaf please ☺️so pick your lucky number (1-31) quickly! I have 3 lucky numbers written down. Whomever picks those lucky numbers will win a R+F $20 gift certificate to be used in October! Comment below with your number and I will draw on Oct. 1.


Dealing Up Some Fun in Math I love math card games - so easy to prepare but great math practice!