7 Activities For $7.00… Amazing Piano Lessons. 5.Do you have a student who mixes up treble clef and bass clef? Grab some super cute snap bracelets and pop one on

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Why Study Music? : Centre for Musical Minds : This page outlines the benefits of studying a musical instrument as documented by authoritative research.

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As simple and fun as a color-by-number, the students will use the key at the bottom of the page and identify musical symbols: Quarter note, half note, quarter rest, whole note, and eighth-notes.

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PIANO stores are closing as fewer children take up the instrument - because of computers??

A collection of antique stools line up at this antique kitchen island, formerly a piano, where once a player and bench would have sat. Colorful rugs, glass-front cabinetry, hardwood flooring, baskets and open shelving make the kitchen feel like an old-time general store.

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AWESOME! Twelve-Year-Old Emily Bear Is a Kid in a Candy Store…Well, Piano Store. And It’s Awesome! | FaithHub

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