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The Writer—and Friend of Patricia Highsmith’s—Who Worked Almost 20 Years to Make Carol

"Carol’s Happy Ending" - The screenwriter—and friend of Patricia Highsmith’s—who spent almost 20 years struggling to bring The Price of Salt to theaters.


‘Carol’ Scribe Phyllis Nagy On The Movie’s Long Journey, LGBT “Trends” & ‘The Trap’ – AwardsLine

Screenwriter and playwright Phyllis Nagy wrote the original screenplay for Carol back in 1997, adapting her friend Patricia Highsmith’s novel, The Price Of Salt at the prolific author’s encourageme...

Q&A at The Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Discussion with director Todd Haynes, actresses Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, and screenwriter Phyllis Nagy.


#PicksAndPiques #Carol ***1/2A nicely nuanced unconventional love story with adapted screenplay by #Phyllis Nagy, based on the novel “The Price of Salt” by Patricia Highsmith #Pictureworks #AprnaKarmerkar #HardlyAnonymous #NiveditaHiggins #CateBlanchett #RooneyMara #RooneyMara #SarahPaulson #KyleChandler #JakeLacy #CoryMichaelSmith #Phyllis Nagy #ThePriceOfSalt #PatriciaHighsmith #WeinsteinCo #Film4 #Studiocanal 118 min

It's the Melancholy: 5 Questions for 'Carol' Writer Phyllis Nagy

During a quick chat with 'Carol' writer Phyllis Nagy, we got the scoop on her friendship with Patricia Highsmith and more.


Rooney Mara Reminds Carol Screenwriter Phyllis Nagy of Her Friend, Patricia Highsmith.

Rooney Mara Reminds Carol Screenwriter Phyllis Nagy of Her Friend, Pat | Vanity Fair

In less than two weeks Carol will be hitting the big screen. We got a chance to have a quick chat with screenwriter Phyllis Nagy and got a tiny glimpse into her journey of over fifteen years as she broughtCarol from Patricia Highsmiths novel The Price of Salt to the already award winning film. It has been such an honor to speak with Phyllis and to get an inside look at the transition of one masterpiece into another. [ 445 more words. ] | #queer…