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Buy $12.99 Etekcity Standalone Smoke Detector & Fire Alarm: Battery-operated Photoelectric Sensor Test & Silence Button

$23.77 (Buy here: ) DC 6-36V Cylindrical Type Photoelectric Sensor Switch NO E3F-DS10C1 for just $23.77

2 Wire Network Photoelectric Sensor Fire Alarm

$23.57 (Buy here: ) 10-30VDC 100mm 3 Wire NPN NO Infraredray Photoelectric Sensor Switch for just $23.57

$1469.99 (Buy here: ) 100PCS Omron E3Z-D61 Compact Photoelectric Sensor Diffuse-reflective Pre-wired NPN with Built-in Amplifier for just $1469.99

Carlo Gavazzi Background Suppression (BGS) Photoelectric Sensors | Manufacturers Automation 1-800-387-6268

$19.90 (Buy here: ) Top quality Half Egg Single Infrared Beam Sensor Active Beam Infrared Detector Photoelectric Sensor for just $19.90

Leolanraring AuYou Smoke Detector 2 Pcs Intelligent Smoke Alarm with Smart Photoelectric Sensor High Tech High Se No description (Barcode EAN = 0709202767666).

$23.71 (Buy here: ) DC 10-30V 3 Wire NPN NO Infraredray Photoelectric Sensor Switch Ouvnu for just $23.71