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122 careers for a Philosophy Major

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Timeline of western phylosophers and some related historical personalities and events.
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Self-Scrutiny Applied with Kindness: Epictetus’s Enduring Wisdom on Happiness and How Philosophy Helps Us Answer the Soul’s Cry

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Epicureanism. Major Thinkers include Epicurus (d. 270 BCE) and Lucretius (95-55 BCE). Key Concepts. Greatest good comes from peace of mind (ataraxia) and pleasure (lack of bodily pain). Pleasure can be found in knowledge, friendship, and living a virtuous and temperate life. Since eternal atoms make up existence, individuals should control lives without fear of God or death. No call for social duty.

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Stoicism. Major Thinkers include Zeno (334 -262 BCE), Cleanthes (303-233 BCE), Epictetus (60-117 CE), and Marcus Aurelius (121 -180 CE).Key Concepts. Greatest good comes from wisdom, virtue, and acceptance of what cannot be directly controlled. Stoic virtues include wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance. Self-control and fortitude are a way of mastering destructive emotions.

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