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Doorway from Temple of Isis to temple called Bed of the Pharaohs, Island of Philae, Egypt (C19) by Carl Friedrich Heinrich Werner, 1808 - 1894 German artist. Watercolor on paper , 1865


Pharaoh cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) at Richelieu Rock, Surin Islands, Thailand. The two males were fighting each other while the female was laying eggs. by Steve De Neef


A decorated causeway leading to the tomb of a Middle Kingdom Elephantine Island provincial governor has been unearthed at Aswan, Egypt. Sarenput I was the Governor of Elephantine during the Service of Nesi (Pharaoh) Senusret I, 12th Dynasty, (1971 - 1926 BCE). He held a few titles, including ‘the overseer of foreign lands’. The causeway is said to be the longest found to date on the western bank of the Nile in Aswan. It is also believed that the discovery may change the history of Qubbet.


EGYPT WOODCARVING 12TH BCE Head of the Goddess Anukis,local goddess of Elephantine Island,Egypt. Her cows ears are reminiscent of the Goddess Hathor. 19th Dynasty, 1295-1186 BCE Painted wood, H: 27,5 cm Inv.N 3534 Louvre, Departement des Antiquites Egyptiennes, Paris, France

3 – A causeway leading to the tomb of Sarenput I, an ancient Egyptian official during the reign of pharaoh Senusret I of the 12th Dynasty, was unearthed in the Qubbet al-Hawa Necropolis in Aswan. Sarenput I was the governor of Aswan’s Elephantine Island. The discovery was made by an international team of archaeologists which …


Pharaoh's Island Island in Egypt; Pharaoh's Island refers to an island in the northern Gulf of Aqaba off the shore of Egypt's eastern Sinai Peninsula... Ted Frank