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Garden Soil pH - I didn’t think too much about pH as I prepared my containers last year. I have a good meter, but since I was adding a lot of organic matter to the soil mixes I felt that would buffer any pH’s that were at the margins for most of my plants. Naturally it followed that some things didn’t do as well as I’d hoped.

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Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of a House Facing East

How to Check Soil With a PH Meter | eHow

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Digital pH Meter

Digital pH Meter. Comes with booklet telling what plants work in what soil and how to achieve the soil you want.

$241.00 (Buy here: ) High quality Digital 0.01 PH meter High Precision temperature Automatic compensation tester Pen Aquarium Pool Water for just $241.00

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A simple home soil test

Don’t know about you, but my soil knowledge is scant. This season I have a personal goal to learn more about soil, and how to create fertility from the ground up. Someone I know once told me …

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HM Digital PH-200 Waterproof pH Meter

Looking for a complete set up? We have done the hard work for you and selected the best products in different price brackets. Each set up will include. A grow tent, grow light, hydroponic system and fertilizer plus a few extra goodi...


$195.50 (Buy here: ) Pen-Type tester ph ORP Meter Portable Oxidation Reduction pH Meter test Acidometer Analyzer teste free by dhl feedex for just $195.50