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Toyota Liva 2017 Etios, Diesel, Petrol, Price

-- Top 10 Sportscars 1970s Board -- #10. BMW M1 (1978-81 453 built).. The product of a failed Lamborghini and BMW agreement is also BMW's first mid-engined model (the i8 is the second) and, one of the rarest BMW models.. employs a twin-cam M88/1 3.5 L 6-cylinder petrol engine, rear-mounted and, rear-wheel drive; with six separate throttle bodies; 4 V per cylinder; street version is 273 hp, & turbocharged racing version 850hp; 5-speed manual.. Body by Giugiaro. ..2016 price range…

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Toyota Liva 2017 Etios, Diesel, Petrol, Price

Beating the petrol prices 76-year-old's hydrogen system beating costs By MICHAEL FORBES. The days of running his car on the smell of an oily rag are over for Vincent Lowe, now that he can do it on the water from a dishcloth instead. Mr Lowe, 76, recently bought a hydrogen-on-demand system from the United States, which partly powers his car on a mixture of distilled water and potassium hydroxide, a compound normally used to make soap. Go to:

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2013 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

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