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Peter Sutcliffe is a British serial killer responsible for the death of thirteen women He is also known as "The Yorkshire Ripper" Character : Grell Sutcliffe Anime : Black Butler


Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, was arrested in 1981 for a traffic violation. While in custody, an officer suspected he might be a wanted serial killer. When police returned to the scene of the arrest, they found a knife, hammer, and rope that Sutcliffe had discarded, items used in his hideous crime spree from 1975-1980. Sutcliffe had murdered 13 women and tried to murder 7 others. Charged with murder, he confessed to the 13 killings and is now serving 20 life sentences.


Peter Sutcliffe was known as the Yorkshire ripper he went around beating women's heads in and killing them my dad told me that his mum was afraid to go outside by herself I'm the years he was around he is in jail now and has been touched but other inmates. On one occasion having a pencil through his eye and glass ground into his food in hopes of shredding his bowels.


One of Britain's most notorious serial killers, Peter Sutcliffe was responsible for the murder of 13 women over the span of 5 years, starting in 1975. The press called him The Yorkshire Ripper. Sutcliffe believed that God spoke to him and told him to kill prostitutes. He was caught in 1981 and sentenced to life in prison where he still resides.