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It’s been quite a year for Peter Sutcliffe, the British serial killer known and reviled the world over as the “Yorkshire Ripper.”

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Yorkshire Ripper seen in public for first time in 34 years

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe seen in public for first time in 34 years | UK | News | The Independent

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Faces of evil: The world's most infamous cannibal killers pictured

Triple-killer Stephen Griffiths The self-styled ‘Crossbow Cannibal’ was found guilty of butchering three prostitutes and eating their bodies in 2010. Griffiths, who idolised Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, skinned his victims, chopped up their bodies and cooked them before gorging on their flesh.

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Peter Sutcliffe was known as the Yorkshire ripper he went around beating women's heads in and killing them my dad told me that his mum was afraid to go outside by herself I'm the years he was around he is in jail now and has been touched but other inmates. On one occasion having a pencil through his eye and glass ground into his food in hopes of shredding his bowels.

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Peter Sutcliffe is a British serial killer responsible for the death of thirteen women He is also known as "The Yorkshire Ripper" Character : Grell Sutcliffe Anime : Black Butler

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"Killing prostitutes had become an obsession with me. I could not stop myself. It was like a drug." - Peter Sutcliffe. Read our Crime File:

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RICHARD O'HAGAN: Why does Peter Sutcliffe want to be let out at all?

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