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100 Best Albums of the Eighties

100 Best Albums of the Eighties: Peter Gabriel, 'Peter Gabriel' | Rolling Stone

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Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer. Classic 80's video... Absolutely novel for it's time. Interesting, Artsy. Great song too.

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In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel. Always adored this song, one of my most favorite movie scenes too. Just an amazing song!

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Don’t Give Up

Don't Give Up. Complete with cheesy poem that's really quite touching from @HHBasquiat

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Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill. I've had this song in my head for weeks, and suddenly Peter Gabriel has posted it on his YouTube channel. ooOOoo! "grab your things; I've come to take you home."

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Peter Gabriel~ and all my instincts, they return and the grand facade, so soon will burn without a noise, without my pride I reach out from the inside in your eyes the light the heat in your eyes I am complete in your eyes, in your eyes.

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Peter Gabriel is an internationally famous musician and Third World activist, and was the original lead singer with Genesis. He is not only known for his Eastern and African-influenced music, but also for several ground-breaking music videos (most notably Sledgehammer, his highest-charting release on both sides of the Atlantic). After leaving Genesis, Peter Gabriel began to experiment with various elements of world music as the underpinning for his dense, poetic lyrics.

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