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After reading the great list of 30 Plants That Can Detox The Air In Your Home over at Sound Body Life, we started wondering which of these plants are safe for cats and dogs. While I’d love the air in my home to be more healthy and of a higher quality, I definitely wouldn’t want to …

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Our 10 Favorite Pet-Safe Indoor Plants and 7 to Avoid

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5 Gorgeous Pet-Safe Houseplants

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Pet friendly/non-toxic floor cleaner! 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1/2 sink full hot water...I use the swifter mop but with old hand towels so I can wash & reuse :) cheap & pet safe for my dog who has a seizure disorder which makes me unable to use traditional cleaning products!!

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Keeping Your Pets Safe: 10 Non-Toxic House Plants — ASPCA

Got a furry friend who likes to sample any plants you place in and around your home? Our post on common house plants that are toxic to pets is so popular that I thought I would also post the non-alarmist version and provide a handy list of common plants that are completely non-toxic for cats and dogs. I've put together a list of some really attractive and totally non-toxic plants to brighten your space.

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5 Gorgeous Pet-Safe Houseplants

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​5 Pet-Safe Plants (& How to Keep Your Furry Friends Away from Them, Anyway)

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Plants that could actually repel ticks and fleas? Yes! Here are 4 pet safe plants that will do just that.

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Make DIY art that puts your pal's paw print on display. All you need is pet-safe paint, a frame, and a four-legged friend for this quick and easy project. Just imagine this above a food bowl, litter box, or dog bed! #PetLifeHack

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