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♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥ Pampered pet ~ Rabbit dog crate w/ cupcake fleece

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Understanding rabbit behaviour - Use this guide to help you recognise important body language signals. RSPCA

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Homemade rabbit treat! Frozen fruits and veggies! Just cut up favorite treats into silicone mold then fill with goodies and water then freeze overnight. Great thing to keep bunnies cool during the summer!

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Keep your loved pet rabbit safe. Read this list of foods to never feed to your rabbit. #Rabbits #pets Please always check with your vet before introducing any new food to your pet.

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#Rabbit Facts Visit to view adoptable rabbits at the SPCA of Texas!

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Your Pets Will Go Nuts Over These 20 Simple Gifts You Can Make For Them At Home

Next time I have Guinea Pigs or Rabbits I am gonna have to do this for them. Sisal string, clothespins, and vegetables make for a very happy Bunny! This DIY rabbit toy idea should keep those buns entertained. Only use supervised, though.

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Teach Your Rabbit to Come when Called

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4 h rabbit posters | ... shelter fees to pull two lovely rabbits out of a shelter. Please email

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Litter Train a Rabbit

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