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A person sits in bed, clutching a tissue in one hand and their phone in the other, as they look down at their screen and cry.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Behavior Cards - September Edition (Get Students Back On Task)

I was at a seminar and the person sitting next to me kept sharing their…

from Business Insider

This is why the person sitting next you is looking for a better job

A new analysis finds most people with sit-stand desks still spend too much time sitting, and other initiatives don’t have much evidence to support them.

Thank yourself if you asked for help this year. Whether you went to therapy for the first time, or you just needed to turn to the person sitting next to you to ask how to get onto the coffee shop w...

'Sitting on the grass two youngs light on a kind of pipe while a third person sits nearby her gaze lost in the grass during the first edition of the...

A person sits sadly at a picnic table in the forest, propping their head up with their hands.