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I have a color version now! See Check out ohmprojects (dot) com to check out details about all my projects (and to buy!). Its a work in progress so bear with me. My own propeller clock display. On board memory holds 128 frames. It can display a static message, show a running clock, and also run...


Globe Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision Globe, controlled by mobile app and based on Arduino (Atmega1284p)All the code source and schemas are available in Github


Skam Records - VHS Head - Persistence of Vision - Skald030 , £8.99 (

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Fluxa: Body movements as a social display

Fluxa is a compact wearable device that exploits body movements, as well as the visual effects of persistence of vision (POV), to generate mid-air displays on and around the body. When the user moves his/her limb, Fluxa displays a pattern that, due to retinal afterimage, can be perceived by the surrounding people. We envision Fluxa as a transient wearable display to foster richer self-expression and communication in daily life . It can be used to enhance existing social gestures such as…

A thaumatrope was a hugely popular toy in Victorian times, a kind of old-school stop motion trick, or an old-school show with only one channel. With the wonder of persistence of vision, a bird magically transported into a cage with just a twirl of a string.


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