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Language: In this image you can see all of the Farsi letters and all 4 of their forms.There are 32 letters in the Farsi alphabet, but unlike our alphabet each letter is written differently depending on where it is in a sentence.This means if you were to learn to write in Farsi, you would have to memorize 32 letters x 4 forms to know how to write Farsi and that would equal 128 different characters to memorize!


Lili & Lola . Learn The Persian Alphabet Learn the Persian (Farsi) Alphabet or Alefba. This game is ideal for children who are trying to learn the order of the Persian Alphabet and how to write each letter. The game features our fun characters Lili & Lola who are there to guide you through tracing each whole Alphabet Letter. Colorful images, great music, educational audio and lots of fun to play for any kid or adult who is trying to learn how to write the basic Persian alphabet. Brought to…