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So I can curl my hair for prom I'm gonna get a perm and hopefully I get good results likes these.

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Perm rod curl sizes. I love this easy and quick visual to clearly see which size perm rods will deliver the results that you want.

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3 Reasons To Use Perm Rods on Natural Hair

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Which color perm rod do you like to buy? Yellow? Orange? Teal? Purple/pink? Blue? White? My #tbt to my perm rod sets. The purple/pink(1/2in) and orange rods(3/4in) are my top fav sizes. #nae2curly I have tutorials up on my YouTube Channel | Janae Mason

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7 Things You Need to Know about Perms ... - Hair [ more at ] Things you need to know about perms are the topic of today’s post and the reason I’m doing another post on curly perms is the fact that there are way too many important things to know about them and great tips for a perfect perm that deserve to be shared. We’ve covered the basics, let’s go into details now, shall we? Take a peek at these interesting things y... #Hair #Perm #Term #Spiral #Curly…

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Perm Rods & Natural Hair: Which Size Will Create Your Desired Look?

Perm rod sets or cold wave rod sets are very popular amongst the natural hair community and the rods come in a variety of different sizes and colors. Sometimes we see so many women wearing perm rod...

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Different Perm Rod sizes. They also come in long and short. I love the long ones!

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CURLS CURLS CURLS Perm Rod Set on WET hair. ➰ Washed Hair & Applied @tginatural Leave In Conditioner ➰ Took medium size section and applied @lovelottabody setting lotion (couldn't find the wrap me mousse anywhere in NH ) ➰ Ran comb through hair to ensure there are no tangles then rolled hair onto rod ➰ Let Hair Dry Over Night(You can use a hooded dryer as well) ➰ Take down rods, apply oil to tips of fingers and separate ➰ Pick Roots for desired volume ✨ Work it!

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Flexi Rods 101: How to Create Heatless Curls :

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I think I may revisit the orange perm rods soon. Love the big bouncy curls it gives my hair. What size/color do you use for your perm rod sets? PS. working on a Perm Rod and Flexi Rod set Tutorial for all you Queens. Keep an eye out

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Perm Rod Greatness- Tutorials for Setting and Styling | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Care

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Hmm....This Looks Interesting and Maybe a Great Way to Get Elongated Curls!!!...First you section out the hair to the roller size .. Comb the hair all the way up drop the roller through the section and then roll the section up real tight with a perm rod... No Heat Solution to Fabulous Curls!

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