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Sif, Norse Goddess of the Grain by Thalia Took Sif is the Norse Goddess of the grain Who is a prophetess, and the beautiful golden-haired wife of Thor. Thor is the thunder God and frequent companion of Loki, as He makes the perfect patsy, being not too bright. Sif is of the elder race of Gods or Aesir. She is a swan-maiden, like the Valkyries, and can take that form.


Young Thranduil: eprobably bored of listening to Oropher go on and on about kingly things and spying a pretty elf maiden, perhaps his future wife.


How to Create the Perfect Wife: Britain's Most Ineligible Bachelor and his Enlightened Quest to Train the Ideal Mate: Wendy Moore: 9780465065745: Books


1911 15th Anniversary Egg, given by Nicholas II to his wife Alexandra. Czar Nicholas II has reigned 15 years (reign started 1896) and the miniatures of this egg shows 9 important scenes of his reign.