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25 Quick Workouts

I've recently been run/walking on 4.0 on my tredmill for 30 minutes. This small non equipment workout seems perfect for not completly wearing me out, but getting in my stomach excersizes before my cardio. I have been only doing the tredmill and not really working up much of a sweat, and I've been letting myself down. It's time I start to do something productive because I have literally remained the same since christmas, and summer is directly around the corner. Getting in a bikini is…

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add a caption . flat stomach #skinny, #healthy…

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Get Fit Today To Better Your Life Tomorrow

Want to easily whip your tummy into shape? Try this at home flat stomach workout for women to get a slim, toned and trim belly, and sculpt your abs in no time!

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Summer Prep: Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Circuit

I'm thinking high knees, crunches and plank would be easier on my knees... :) #workouts #workout #inthistogether

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24 Days Challenge For A Flatter Stomach! GET THE PERFECT BODY BEFORE SUMMER!!

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44 Songs Perfect For Falling in Love

44 Songs Perfect For Falling in Love

One of the most memorable ways to tell someone you're falling in love with them is through music. If you're not into writing your own tune, you should consider checking out these tracks to show just how much you care. Whether you prefer a romantic ballad

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