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Percussion Instrument Sort: sort percussion instruments into their correct family of shaker/scraper, sound effect, woods, metals, skins; best used with pocket chart


What a fun interactive way to reinforce recognizing non-pitched percussion instruments with your elementary music students! They will love watching the bubbles float across the page when they select the correct answer and you will love that it is FREE!


This+file+comes+with+all+of+the+following: MS+Excel+-+Brass+Instrument+Crossword MS+Excel+-+Brass+Instrument+Crossword+Key MS+Excel+-+Strings+Instrument+Crossword MS+Excel+-+Strings+Instrument+Crossword+Key MS+Excel+-+Woodwind+Instrument+Crossword MS+Excel+-+Woodwind+Instrument+Crossword+Key MS+Word+-+Percussion+Instrument+Worksheet+(pitch+vs.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Instrument Family Portrait Gallery - Bulletin Board - Posters

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Composing Music: Percussion Charts and Composition Activities

Create and Perform with Percussion Instruments. Here is a fun activity for the class while reinforcing the concepts of beat and rhythm.


Make a Talking Drum out of Funnels

Talking drums are these cool West African percussion instruments where you squeeze the strings around the middle to change the tension on the drum heads and change the pitch. Go look at this amazing video. Do it. Didn't realize a drum could sound like that, huh?I've done a lot of kids' workshops on homemade musical instruments, including rainsticks, ocarinas, and motorized panpipes, made from everyday items, and I thought I'd share this one. Making a nicer talking drum from wood or coconuts…