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Pepto Bismol Uk

Lake Retba, north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal - This salt-heavy body of water is the home to TONS of algae, gives the lake a Pepto-Bismol color.

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Vera Wang Fall 2014 Wedding Dresses

This is a really neat idea. Each table has a number so have everyone from that table leave you a note for your anniversary that year. Maybe not whole books though, as it says on the thing. Perhaps a small notepad that can be easily stored, along with the

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Senegal’s salt lakes look like Pepto-Bismol

The pink color comes from microorganisms called Dunaliella salina, which thrive in the extremely salty lake. The red pigment is D. salina‘s version of chlorophyll, allowing the organisms to collect energy from the sun. All of this is natural, if visually insane. Sometimes nature is easily as crazy-looking as human-made pollution.

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Beat an upset stomach with Pepto-Bismol Oral Suspension from, only £4.61 for 240ml.

1959 Dodge - check out the colors, and the fins on fins... 888-9-EXPUNGE (888-939-7864)... Free evaluations..low money down...Easy payments.. 'Seal past mistakes. Open new opportunities.'

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It's the time again when we celebrate sunnier, longer days with friends and family. As an American tradition, eating is a cornerstone of coming together and enjoying one another's company. However, these celebrations do change the way we eat and the amount we eat. Did you know that Americans tend to eat more when in groups? Here is a look at how we prepare and eat meals during the summer months.

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