Pepto bismol side effects

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Pepto Bismol Side Effects In Dogs

The Weirdest Side Effect of Pepto Bismol: The active ingredient in Pepto Bismol can cause a change in your stools.

Vitamin C Deficiency in Dogs - VetInfo | Just thinking of your cute tomato thief @Tracey! <3

We bet you have never heard of the FODMAP diet, right? It could be the next big thing in gastroenterology for a variety of GI problems, especially gas.

Kaolin Pectin 128 oz Durvet --- My Dog was suffering from bouts of diarrhea from drinking from a common water bowl at the dog park. I bought this Kaolin Pectin because the Kaopectate Anti-Diarrheal the drug stores sell is really Pepto Bismol and is not safe for animals. This Kaolin Pectin is the old formula that we took as kids and is totally safe for our pets and farm animals, and works very well without any side effects.

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