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Pepto Bismol Ingredients

10 Gemstones Much Rarer Than Diamond

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"Secret ingredient" in Pepto-Bismol could help capture carbon emissions and turn them into fuel for your car...

DIY Pepto Bismol

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This is a picture of a naturally-occurring Bismuth crystal. They are amazing and have awesome commercial and pharmaceutical benefits… but not for your skin. Many makeup companies use a derivative of this ore in their cosmetics because it has that beautiful iridescence to it. They advertise the benefits of “natural” ingredients in mineral makeup. Well arsenic is natural too, and Bismuth Oxychloride has a very similar chemical structure to arsenic! This ingredient is a by-product of copper and…

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112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Fun

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Large Bismuth Crystal Piece

Bismuth is one of the main ingredients of Pepto-Bismol, a fact that is not…

The Secrets Behind Widely Used Products

The Weirdest Side Effect of Pepto Bismol

The Weirdest Side Effect of Pepto Bismol: The active ingredient in Pepto Bismol can cause a change in your stools.