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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Christmas Preschool Centers

Christmas Preschool Centers. Gingerbread people candy counting. Supply children with pom-poms (or use candy pictures included).

"If the 7 were YouTubers....." Yeah, you can't say the 7 and not have Frank.

I’ve been incredibly lucky during the bulk of my shooting career, the people I’ve shot have been wonderful. I could probably count the unpleasant experiences on one hand and have fingers left over. This shoot (Emmy Magazine) was up there with the best, not just because Cait and Sam are amazing looking, but because they’re so comfortable in their skin. Funny, tireless, giving and dedicated to doing what they do beautifully. – Miranda Penn Turin

If you remember that the gray zones are gray because they don't have very many people, why the h**l do you think your vote should count more than other people?


Clinton's lead in the popular vote surpasses 2 million

Apparently a lot of people didn't feel a racist bigot should be their president.

The thing that human people suffer about most – you think it's money, but it isn't, it's your mortality – you're worrying about your mortality, you're worrying about the mortality of others, you're looking at how old you are and counting how many years you have left, or you're regretting how much you didn't get done instead of using your powerful now to connect with your powerful energy and flourishing in this moment in time.