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On Tobago, Mermen Come Calling

Each passing colonial power introduced an element of folklore to Tobago, including jumbies, jabless, fairy maids and kingly mermen.

from Rolling Stone

Looting the Pension Funds

Looting the Pension Funds. All across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers


iF YOU'RE one of the small handful of Americans who have ANY pension left, hang onto it!! Matt Taibbi on How Wall Street Hedge Funds Are Looting the Pension Funds of Public Workers


The Government Pension Fund of Norway (the Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund) was created in the beginning of the 1990s to help finance the Scandinavian country's generous welfare state system once the wells run dry, and is invested in equities and bonds, as well as real estate. More than 50 companies have already been blacklisted by the fund over ethics concerns, including Boeing, Wal-Mart, EADS and BAE Systems.

from The New Yorker

Is Wall Street Really Robbing New York City’s Pension Funds?

Currency April 20, 2015 ~ Is Wall Street Really Robbing New York City’s Pension Funds? All too often, when researchers investigate pension-fund performance, they find that management fees outweigh any extra benefit the managers have generated.

"I Guess It's Food Stamps": 400,000 Americans In Jeopardy As Giant Pension Fund Plans 50% Benefit Cuts

from the Guardian

California calls on pension funds to divest from coal in climate change push

- US carbon emissions fall to lowest levels since 1994 - "Energy-saving technologies and a doubling in renewables led to the reduction in climate pollution, new figures show"