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A carpenter takes on the Department for Work and Pensions. 'I, Daniel Blake' is the devastating story of a carpenter who's just had a heart attack. Despite this, the Department for Work and Pensions have deemed him fit for work.


More than 1.5 million personal State Pension forecasts requested since the launch of the new State Pension | Department for Work and Pensions | Official Press Release

Future life expectancy to be considered in first State Pension age review | Department for Work and Pensions | Official Press Release

UK: Blind man has benefits cut for not replying to benefits agency letter that he couldn't read

from The Independent

These are the simple reasons why a basic income for all could transform our society for the better

What would you do differently if you were guaranteed a minimum income every week, regardless of how you choose to spend your time? Spend more time caring for – or just with – your children? Learn a new skill? Start your own business? It seems like a bold suggestion, but a Basic Income is something that I’ve longed campaigned for. What is it? It’s an unconditional, non-withdrawable income payable to each individual. It’s not subject to means testing and there is no requirement to be working…


The 75 Best Genealogy Websites for USA Research in 2014 . . . millions of historical records including newspaper pages, wills, military service and pension papers, and other documents.


“If you receive a phone call out of the blue from someone claiming to be from the Department of Human Services or Centrelink claiming that you are eligible for an increase in your pension or benefi…

from The Independent

Zac Goldsmith sacked as patron of his local disability charity after voting for disability benefit cuts

Protest outside Department of Work and Pensions

from BuzzFeed

This Trans Woman Has Taken On The Government To Get Her Pension

Four trans women are locked in lengthy battles to secure their state pension, as the UK's Department for Work and Pensions opposes them at every turn. The details of this battle for equality are un...