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These earrings are so super cool and unique... and fresh off the press! Copper pennies hand-hammered and dented with just a little hint of

from Etsy

From Heaven Stamped Penny Hand Stamped Penny Necklace -Personalized Penny Necklace- A Penny From Heaven

from Dream a Little Bigger

Penny Jewelry Tutorial

When making crafts with coins, here's how to clean them: make a scrub out of white vinegar and baking soda.When you mix the two it bubbles up so you may want to mix it over the kitchen sink. Make a juicy paste, rub it on the pennies and let it sit a few minutes. Come back with an old toothbrush and give ‘em a scrub. The penny on the left and the right are the same penny. Crazy, huh?

Turn pennies into colorful jewelry by using torch fired enamel. You could do just one side or both. If a torch is too advanced for you (like it might be for me), use nail polish.