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Penguins Penguin Books Non-Fiction Learning about penguins? This is an informational text book all about the Emperor Penguin! It is a sample/one book from my Penguin Reading Pack! It comes in both color and black and white- please see the entire product to see the other 10 books, fact cards, carrying case, headbands/crowns and printables that are included!

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This freebie features information pages about these penguin species: Emperor, King, Gentoo, Adelie, Macaroni and Little. The pages are written in an easy-to-read format making it easier for young students to study these birds and write reports. They can read the information page, record key facts on the graphic organizer and then use this information to write a research paper. This product supports the common core standards for reading informational texts and non-fiction writing.

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Welcome to HARRY KINDERGARTEN MUSIC on YouTube! HIP SONGS & VIDEOS for the K-2 classroom! On YouTube: Commercial Web...

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Penguin Informative Writing and Craft - This popular penguin research unit is suitable for first and second graders. Research cards, printables, and display patterns/ suggestions are all included in this unit. It is easy to use and fun for both students and teachers!. A GIVEAWAY promotion for Penguins - Research & Informational Writing from Forde's Firsties on (ends on 12-8-2013)

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