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what's in my pencil case [pt 1] - requested - An overview of my pencil case! (I use the Kipling 100 pens case !)

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Attachable Leather Pen Case

Instead of carrying everything in the bag, I love just simply carrying the most necessity items with me. This is why I adore this pen case. With my favorite pens in the case, I can attach it to my planner so I don't have to shuffle through my bag to find my pencil case every time. The cute button ensures my pens will be securely placed in the case. This case is loved by both college student like myself or my sister who works in the company. This is an item I'd totally recommend to anybody!

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What’s in my pencil case? I got a request to make a post like this so here it is! What’s in my Lihit Lab pen case: • A TUL mechanical pencil • Retractable Muji pen in 0.5 • Muji pen in 0.38 • Pigma...

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Chic Pen Case

Definitely the classiest pen case around! Ink, Glitter, Marble...which will you choose? ^.~*

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Folding Pocket v8

It was easy to see that this Folding Pocket has beautiful colors, cute inner patterns and great quality but I didn’t know how ingenious this pen case was at first! The Folding Pocket v8 is brilliant! I can use this pocket in many different ways for quick and convenient access to the items in it just by unbuttoning and unfolding the case. It is spacious to store many pens, pencils and other small items too! It can be awesome gift idea not only for students but also for all!

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Flowery Slim Pen Case

Ah, a breath of fresh air for the eyes, mind, and bag. Organizing your belongings is an absolute breeze with the Flowery Slim Pen Case! Grab one or a few and get organizing!

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Zoo Leather Pen Case

The Zoo Leather Pen Case is a well made and cute pen case! The Zoo Leather Pen Case can fit up to approximately 20 pencils. This pen case is padded with sponge to give more protection to your pencils or pens. It is also designed with suede on the inside! The zipper is hidden from plain view for better appearance and each pen case comes with a different 24K gold plated animal decoration! This is a cute pen case to use for school or work!

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Details about 36/48/72 Holes Canvas Wrap Roll up Pencil Case Pen Bag Holder Storage Pouch

36/48/72 Holes Canvas Wrap Roll up Pencil Case Pen Bag Holder Storage Pouch | eBay

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Play obje 2-Way Tray Pen Pencil Case Pouch Ver.2