a leather pen case that opens to a heart I love it! Check out this website you will absolutely love it.

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The Zoo Leather Pen Case is a well made and cute pen case! The Zoo Leather Pen Case can fit up to approximately 20 pencils. This pen case is padded with sponge to give more protection to your pencils or pens. It is also designed with suede on the inside! The zipper is hidden from plain view for better appearance and each pen case comes with a different 24K gold plated animal decoration! This is a cute pen case to use for school or work!

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what's in my pencil case [pt 1] - requested - An overview of my pencil case! (I use the Kipling 100 pens case !)

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Bas and Lokes Handmade Leather Goods - "Reynolds" Saddle Tan Handmade Leather Pen Case, $89.00 (http://www.basandlokes.com/reynolds-saddle-tan-handmade-leather-pen-case/)

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/178841200/back-to-school-pen-case-double-leather

leather eyeglass case collar box glasses case pen case от SeanChy

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