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The Thoughts Of Cats In Poetic Form: I Could Pee On This

The Thoughts Of Cats In Poetic Form: I Could Pee On This ... see more at ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

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"Putting on skinny jeans be like: *wiggle* *wiggle* *pull* *bunny hop* *squat* *strut like a boss.......forgets to zip*"

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With the problem with my teachers is that they talk too fucking much. I'll zone out for a second and then come back, they're already on another planet. Like wtf

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To some this may be funny. To me, it's just More Of The Same about this Disgusting, Vile Man. We now have this Horrible Human Being because Millions of Hateful Idiots didn't think about Our Great Country First before voting for this Abomination!! The President Elect likes Golden Showers aka Women Peeing on Him!! OUR COUNTRY IS OFFICIALLY IN THE TOILET AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND LAUGHING!! God Help Us!!

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Dark Kermit Dump - Album on Imgur

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Did a kid or pet pee on your carpet and even though you have scrubbed you still can't get out the smell? try this on for size: baking soda and essential oils! I added about 20 drops of lemon to a canning jar full of baking soda. Cover with canning lid, shake to combine. Then poke holes in the top of the canning lid (mine are not pretty, hence no picture) shake, shake, shake on carpet. Let set for a few 30 minutes or longer and vacuum up! Smells amazing, cleans up the odor! I'm in love

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I installed security cameras around my yard for safety reasons. Turns out my neighbor pees on my car when he is drunk and my boyfriend is sleeping with my older sister while I'm at work.

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I looked this video up on YouTube and it's called "Sitting and Smiling #5" and at around 2:36:30 a robber does come through the door and says "hello?" then leaves. The guy sits there smiling for an hour and a half more.

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OMG!!! WHAT A DIRTY PIG!!! MUST READ!! British Intel: Russia Blackmailing Trump With Video Of Him Paying Prostitutes To Pee On Obama’s Bed

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