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NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT: The World Oldest Living cat

Abyssinian Kitten - The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of pedigree cat and was one of those exhibited at the very first cat show held at the Crystal Palace in 1871. It is generally agreed that this breed originated in Egypt, and certainly the ticked coat pattern would have been the perfect camouflage for wild cats living in the dry, scrubby North African habitat.

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Peyote Pattern for bracelet: British Pedigree Cat- INSTANT DOWNLOAD pdf

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HIGHLANDER CAT ~~~ Development of the breed began in 2004 and an early name for it was the Highland Lynx. No wild cat genes were used to develop the breed, rather the name refers to the desire to create a domestic cat with a powerful "Big Cat" look. In 2005, the name Highlander was decided on for this unique breed of cat. Pictured is a Highland Lynx. Her name is Sass and she belongs to SherBobs Exotic Cats in NC. You can see her on their website at

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9GreenBox - 5 Money Tree Plants Braided into 1 Tree -Pachira-4" Pot

Lakebird- female Kits- (back 2 front )Cookiekit, Icingkit, Cakekit, Cupcakekit, Candykit, Wafflekit, Toastkit All females except Wafflekit and Toastkit (The 2 in the front)

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I'm not a fan of the "naked" cats but this is a cool breed of cat,the lykoi. (I might have misspelled it.)

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