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Glass Pebbles from the Dollar Store create this stain glass window look. This would be fabulous in the garden with the sun beaming through.

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tutorial -- with the little glass pebbles that are easily had at the dollar store - get a spool of wire from Walmart, and you've got 30-40 of these for next to nothing!! / DIY & Crafts / Trendy Pics

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How to Drill Stone Pebbles

How to Drill Through Glass Infographic by Eternal Tools. 4 easy illustrated steps for use when drilling through sea glass, beach glass and fused glass. The principle is the same no matter what glass you need to drill through (except tempered glass)

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Garden Art

Who needs water when you can imply it with lots of these 99cent store glass balls! Imagine this in rain or snow in the barren garden. SBG gives this the pin of the day!

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A DIY toad house made with a thrift-store terracotta pot turned upside down and Dollar Tree pebbles hot-glued on. The roof is made from a fallen piece of old tree bark found alongside the road. I put soil and live moss from my yard under the roof. Hopefully the moss will eventually grow in between the pebbles to complete the look.

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Glow In The Dark Pebbles/Rocks: Line a pathway with rocks painted in glow in the dark paint. During the day they "charge" in the sun and in the evening they reflect the stored light. Use: Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Brush-on Paint, put at least 2 coats.

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Making spirits bright. #seaglass #beachglass

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Sale item but really not a bad idea--hand paint or use those small brass stencils from the craft store. I like the white--simple!

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Polished Cobblestone Pebble Tile

ABSOLUTELY love this idea with the band of river rock running down the shower for a tiled bath. Must use this!

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Very little work needs to be done to incorporate a pebble river bed other than planning the position and digging out a trench to fill with pebbles and rocks.

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Oh, to see that neon "E" breaking through the San Francisco fog as a wee girl, after a sleepy drive up from Pebble Beach, late at night...I knew we were just two "turn signals" from home...San Francisco, CA Emporium Department Store (Stonestown) 1954

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Instead of using tile in her bathroom, she decided to use pebbles from the dollar store! The results are better than you could ever imagine.

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Construction adhesive, pebbles from the Dollar Tree, cheap rubber matt- great door matt!

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Cover the dirt in your flower pots with pebbles. Could lay down mesh or cheesecloth below to keep them from sinking into the dirt.

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Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt for Preschool Curriculum ~ Week # 1 ~ 2013 Winner

Free Homeschooling Lesson Plans, Teen Birthdays, Preschool Activities & Sensory Play, Fun Art Projects Children, Art, & Things to do in Indiana.

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Fruity Pebble Donuts

Fluffy, Pillowy donuts with breakfast cereal baked right in, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk and sprinkled with Fruity pebbles.

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