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How to Grow Pear Trees From Seed | Garden Guides...Step 3 Use a trellis to support the pear tree until the branches are stronger. A trellis also is useful to train your tree into a V shape, which allows for optimum sunlight penetration and prevents fruit from rubbing against other fruit. Read more: How to Grow Pear Trees From Seed | Garden Guides

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Root System of an Ornamental Pear Tree

Root System of an Ornamental Pear Tree | eHow

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Pear Tree Life Expectancy – What Is The Lifespan Of Pear Trees

The pear tree lifespan is a tricky subject, because it can depend upon so many things, from variety to disease to geography. That being said, plenty of estimates can be made and the information in this article will help.

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Troubleshooting Common Diseases Of Pears – How To Treat Sick Looking Pear Trees

Pear Tree Diseases And Treatment: Diagnosing And Treating Disease In Pears - Home-grown pears are really a treasure. Unfortunately, pear trees are susceptible to quite a few easily spread diseases that can wipe them right out if left untreated. Learn more about pear tree diseases and treatment in this article.