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Another great new British tv show: Peaky Blinders. Great photography and soundtrack (White Stripes, James Blake etc.). It can hold the comparison with Boardwalk Empire on many points !


TABOO: the trailer. From Tom Hardy, Ridley Scott, Steven Knight. Now on BBC One and FX.

Cillian Murphy. He always seems so deeply in tune with some aspect of any project he works on; the politics, human psyche, the author, the much more than a fantastic face. He seems to have an extreme appreciation for the entire art of his craft.


Peaky Blinders | BBC tv, series devised and written by Stephen Knight of 'Locke' fame. | Why Peaky Blinders? Because that's a razor blade, that is. The gang is so called because in a fight they remove their peaked caps and swing 'em across the other bloke's face. Peaky. Blinders. Nasty.


Exclusive Peaky Blinders Character Posters

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