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Paula Patton Dating


Exclusive Robin Thicke on Loving Black Women Interracial Dating and Pleasing Paula

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke interview from Essence ("Robin Thicke Talkes Black Women, Interracial Dating, Pleasing Paula, and Loving Music"). Most adorable mixed couple.

from E! Online

Paula Patton Is Looking for a Man, ''Very'' Open to Dating

Paula Patton Is 'Very'' Open to Dating: Find Out What She's Looking for in a Man | E! Online Mobile

from Motto

Actress Paula Patton on Life After Divorce: "It's Freeing"

Actress Paula Patton on Life After Divorce: “It’s Freeing”

from Mail Online

'I'm a real woman now!' Paula Patton opens up about life after divorce

Paula Patton, opens up about life following divorce from Robin Thicke after dating him since age She tells TV chat show host Meredith Viera that she feels 'like a real woman now.'

from E! Online

Is Paula Patton Single? Find Out and See Her Sexy Rock Star Looks!

Paula Patton Showcases Rock Star Looks After Robin Thicke Divorce Filing—See the Pics, Plus Is She Dating Again? Paula Patton