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My childhood trumpet teacher made "Kind of Blue" my main reference point. It's still hard to argue that choice.


Bassist Paul Chambers began playing professional gigs in New York City where he met such as pianist Barry Harris and trumpeter Thad Jones. He played with a lot of prominent musicians for a brief while, making a giant step in his career upon recording numbers such as 'A Little Taste' and 'Flamingo' with Cannonball Adderley in 1955. But it was joining the Miles Davis Quintet the same year that made his career.


Paul Chambers; was one of the premier bassists in jazz history. Classically trained, he joined Miles Davis' quintet at age 20 in 1955 and stayed until 1963. In addition to Kind of Blue, he played on several landmark albums including Coltrane's Giant Steps, Monk's Brilliant Corners, and Oliver Nelson's The Blue and the Abstract Truth. He also made several albums as leader fo Blue Note.


Paul Chambers - Bass Player on Kind of Blue with Miles Davis/John Coltrane/Bill Evans/Cannonball Adderley


Miles Davis, Bill Evans & Paul Chambers - Epic photo taken during the recording sessions of Miles Davis "Kind of Blue".


Paul Chambers during the rehearsal for John Coltrane’s Blue Train session, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1957 (photo by Francis Wolff)