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Patti Smith somewhere in 70's , had her own style that has become iconic.

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Patty Smith, by Robert Mapplethorpe who was her lover and soul mate, check the book: Just Kids and

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Patti Smith, Paris 1973

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Les Inrocks - “M Train” : Patti Smith, station to station

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Once again..Patti Smith.

the fearless and stunning patti smith. loved JUST KIDS. "In art and dream may you proceed with abandon."

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'Rock And Roll Stories': 7 Stunning Photos Of Iconic Musicians

Patti Smith, young and Bad 1977 ASK THE ANGELS / Today, Lynn Goldsmith's "Rock and Roll Stories" came out. Goldsmith is known for not only chronicling Bruce Springsteen's ascent, but also the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, U2 and Bob Marley. In "Rock and Roll Stories," Gol...

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