Bay leaf tree! Potted for the patio/deck area...use for cooking too”“Sweet bay tree for pot ( bay leaves for cooking)”“Great plant to plant in a pot near kitchen so you can use in cooking & still enjoy the plant or tree.”“Best-Behaved Trees to Grace a Patio - Sweet Bay”“can put a tree in a large pot for interest point.”“Patio tree full sun or partial shade

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Simple planting under trees creates interest and texture. Here liriope is used - good for shade and evergreen.

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Olive Tree Enjoys Sunny and Warm Spot on Patio - for the WEST facing patio, in the 2 larger square pots.

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Japanese White Flowering Dogwood (Cornus kousa) The perfect patio tree: attractive white flowers last up to four weeks from June to July, multi-stemmed, tiered branches, grows to about 15' tall, red leaves in fall color, pretty, exfoliating bark, edible strawberry-type fruits, full or part sun, hardy to -25

Dwarf Japanese maple trees maintain a deep red color most of the year, and they look great in containers. The Dwarf Japanese maple is small in stature with profuse branching and vivid color. This tree requires little maintenance and medium water, and it does well in full to partial sun. The Dwarf maple is perfect for a patio or small yard.

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Texas mountain laurel – Heat and drought tolerant. Makes an attractive evergreen accent to your landscape. Full sun Small tree or shrub Grows up to 25 feet tall and 6 to 12 feet wide Blooms lavender/purple clusters of fragrant flowers in Spring Use as a patio tree or untrained as a screen Native – Sophora …

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Found a huge beautiful ceramic bowl at Big Lots some time ago. Then, for my birthday my kids got me this beautiful Buddha garden statue. I wanted to recreate a bowl planting that my daughter created for her outdoor patio. This is the end result :-)

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