Skill Certification for Tattoo Artist Tattooing is an age-old form of body modification that involves permanently embedding ink in skin to create designs or images.Tattoo artists are professionals who design and apply tattoos to all areas of customers' bodies with specialized needles. When dealing with customers, tact and patience may be required. Long periods of sitting are often a part of the job, as some designs take a considerable amount of time to create.

It has to be taught in schools...character, patience, kindness...But not in the form of religion. IN THE FORM WHEN THE WORDS REALLY MEAN SOMETHING...and practicing it throughout the schools. Violence and bad behaviors start, but are not caused in the school setting. In some schools 3rd graders are breaking kindergarteners arms. True story. Society is reflected in our schools, and that's where real change can happen. But there's no funding for it, they'd rather build prisons. 6

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from @by_nick - Just finished this illustration 'love'. What do you think? Took me some time to get the colours right on this one. Slapped some pantone colours in there. Definitely need more practice when applying it. Practice and patience is key everyone #arts_gallery #artist_sharing #artcollective #digitalart #artsanity #artfido #bestdm #tattoo #art_empire #artists_magazine #characterdesign #pantone #pencil #illustration #art_spotlight #arts_help #dailydrawoff #spotlightonartists…

M2B Podcast: Dose of Hope...Encouraging Moms to Overcome Angry

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The way I try to live by. Sometimes we forget all the prerequisites of how to love. By trying they become easier with time. time is everything with patience.

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